This Mercedes car and the red Chevrolet Silverado shown at the right of this photo collided on Alabama 36 in front of East Highland Baptist Church. | Clif Knight

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Update: Drivers in crash identified

Published 3:51pm Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A head-on collision involving a passenger car and a pickup truck on East Main Street (Alabama 36) in Hartselle sent drivers of both vehicles to the hospital with serious injures Tuesday afternoon.

David Lee Brown, 29, of Lane Road, Hartselle, was airlifted from the scene to Huntsville Hospital. He sustained multiple injuries and was listed in critical but stable condition in the ICU unit.

Stephen Philip Gordon, 48, was transported by ambulance to Hartselle Medical Center and was later airlifted to Huntsville Hospital. He also sustained multiple injuries and was listed in critical but stable condition in the ICU unit.

The accident occurred at approximately 3 p.m. as Brown was headed west and Gordon was headed east. Brown’s pickup left the roadway on impact and overturned in a 10-ft drainage ditch.

East and west bound traffic was interrupted for about an hour while Hartselle police officers and other emergency responders worked the accident.

The accident remains under investigation.

  • proudmomof5

    By the way Enquirer David is 31

  • proudmomof5

    UH….EXCUSE ME vrichters,I didn’t think I said anything out of the way! All I was reporting was what was reported to me.I said prayers for both families,thank you very much.I do happen to live close by where the accident happened too.I didn’t say who was at fault here all I said was it was my classmate in the red truck.I have no clue who the other guy is! So go blow your gasket somewhere else and get off my case!!!!!!!!

  • vrichters

    The comment from Zippy is extremely appreciated by the family of Steve Gordon, and myself, the mother-in-law of the driver of the Mercedes.

    However, I am appalled at the comments by Lynn Clemons and proudmomof5. The condition of both drivers is extremely important to both families. Steve was airlifted to Huntsville Hospital after his lungs collapsed at Parkway Emergency Room.

    Steve remains is critical condition in the Trauma ICU. He suffered a concussion, broken ribs, broken arm, broken leg and broken foot. His recovery has been slow and tenuous. In addition he has had respiratory collapse.

    Both families are suffering. It is a very small mind that is more concerned about who is at fault. Both drivers and their families have suffered. What else do you want?

  • Lynn Clemons

    Hartselle Enquire, please get your facts straight. The red truck was headed East and the car was headed West. The pick-up did not cause the accident, the car did.

  • proudmomof5

    My classmate was the one who was involved in this crash and he is due to having surgery this morning.He was the one airlifted to the hospital.No more information was given to me.Will update later when I have more news….

  • Zippy

    I sincerely hope the people involved will be healed quickly and recover.

    However, I would like to point out that this part of Main Street/Hwy 36 is heavily traveled and the sheer number of people speeding is absolutely unacceptable. While I do not know if speed was a factor in this accident, it is worthy of note that there are accidents almost weekly between the railroad tracks and the interstate overpass.

    Perhaps more police patrols would help with the constant speeding. Ticket revenue would almost certainly be good for the city. If the police make their presence known, (and actually stop and ticket), this end of town may gain a reputation as an area where it is a good idea to slow down and pay attention.

    Many families with children live in this neighborhood, and it IS a “neighborhood”. I firmly believe more patrols and tickets would be an advantage to the city and the people living on Main Street.

    I have nothing but respect for the men and women on our police force, it is often a thankless job. I admire their sacrifices and their families’ sacrifices. However, I think the traffic volume on the east end of Hartselle is only going to increase over time, and it would be short-sighted to become lax in ticketing, when it saves lives and increases city revenue.

    Again, I do hope the victims in this accident recover and I pray for those involved, their families, and the emergency, police, and medical professionals.

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