Morgan County Marriage Licenses, July 7, 2011 (corrected)

Published 2:48pm Thursday, July 7, 2011

David Joseph Long, 4-10-1993, of Danville to Elizabeth Anne Duncan, 6-1-1994, of Decatur

John Robert Steele, 7-29-1987, of Hartselle to Rae Elizabeth Radosevich, 4-27-1990, of Trinity

Daniel Curtis Dobbs, 11-30-1986, of Decatur to Ashley Leanne Terry, 4-19-1990, of Decatur

Joshua Nicholas Byrd, 5-19-1985, of Hartselle to Hannah Marie Jones, 9-4-1992, of Hartselle

Tarvius Dorsett Jones, 1-7-1984, of Decatur Elisha Sharae Wells 11-11-1983, of Decatur

Barney Robin Baldwin, 12-15-1961, of Pulaski, Tenn., to Cheryl Faye Meyer, 3-1-1967, of Decatur

Christopher Robyn Dickerson, 10-31-1994, of Athens to Kimberly Brooke Minor, 11-5-1994, of Hartselle

Phillip Douglas Miller, 4-5-1990, of Decatur to Amanda Marie Matthews, 9-18-1991, of Somerville

William James Harris, 2-13-1994, of Decatur to Judy Chanell Mclendon, 3-23-1995, of Decatur

Kevin Demond Triplett, 9-25-1986, of Decatur to Antoinette Denise Davis, 11-6-1985, of Decatur

Willie Joe Robbins, 5-13-1974, of Decatur to Christie Leigh McIntyre, 6-12-1983, of Decatur

Christopher Kyle Childers, 4-3-1995, of Eva to Aleisha Leigh Ann King, 5-1-1994, of Laceys Spring

Burney Wayne Tuck 6-2-1977 Athens Shannon Lynn Howe 1-26-1967 Athens

Ambos Kyle Shelton, 8-19-1973, of Decatur to Christy Michelle Ray, 11-26-1984, of Decatur

Steven Ray Burns, 6-29-1962, of Cullman to Melanie Jane Liles, 12-16-1978, of Decatur

Barnard Lamar Price, 7-15-1984, of Decatur to Khristen Lindsey Cox, 7-28-1985, of Decatur

Marcus Chuck Roberts, 1-9-1990, of Hartselle to Ashley Dawn Anderson, 2-13-1992, of Hartselle

Zachary Murry Dockery, 5-16-1986, of Decatur to Andrea Ruby Blagburn, 8-3-1986, of Decatur

Eric Emanuel Letson, 12-4-1992, of Decatur to Autumn Brooke Chandler, 3-4-1996, of Decatur

Christopher Dale Graham, 2-5-1995, of Decatur to Breonna Michelle Chestnut, 1-5-1998, of Decatur

C.W. Waddle, 2-22-1941, of Decatur to Ann Bennett Mason 10-3-1956, of Decatur

Matthew Narrimore Harris, 7-15-1984, of Decatur to Ashley Renee Harvel, 4-17-1989, of Decatur

Harry Scott Ashworth, 6-4-1979, of Hartselle to Diana Nicole Holt, 8-21-1989, of Falkville

Matthew Wayne Hampton, 5-12-1995, of Danville to Bethany Michelle Rickmon, 1-4-1997, of Danville

James Bradley Wallace, 4-18-1977, of Hartselle to Yvette Barbee Shrum, 12-6-1977, of Hartselle

Kent Miles Williams, 7-5-1959, of Decatur to Marilyn Gale Owens, 3-2-1959, of Decatur

Russell James Perrin, 8-22-1978, of Vinemont to Sandra Kay Methvin, 9-1-1975, of Vinemont

Joshua Aaron Martin, 5-21-1986, of Somerville to Elizabeth Ruth Zachmann, 8-13-1992, of Hedgesville, W.V.

Kris Lee Roberts, 5-25-1976, of Hartselle to Devra La Greta Pernatozzi, 9-9-1975, of Las Vegas, Nev.

Stephen Alexander Bishop, 3-2-1979, of Hartselle to Amy Lea Gore 10-9-1988, of Hartselle

Joseph Gray Rogers, 4-20-1976, of Madison to Jennifer Natasha Pirkle, 12-18-1979, of Huntsville

Michael Newton Gibson, 6-13-1971, of Decatur to Stephanie Ryan Cate, 2-22-1966, of Decatur

Justin Carl Warden, 1-14-1992, of Birmingham to Elisabeta Pirosca, 9-15-1992, of Birmingham

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