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Reasons to Win

Published 11:55am Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dan Styles
Guest Columnist

The moment has come. From the time you could pick up a football—this is the moment you have dreamed of.

Remembering all of the times as a kid that you sent a buddy “out for a pass” and declared it was for the state championship – knowing that this time, it is for real.

As Americans, it is ingrained into our national identity to want to win and be the best at what we do. Everyone wants to win – few are willing to pay the price to do so.

Getting to this moment is a huge accomplishment in and of itself – an accomplishment that only a select few have ever experienced. But getting here is not enough.

Being satisfied with this moment in time only leads to unfulfilled wishes and unrealized dreams.

Taking the next step offers the true prize and brings to reality the backyard dreams of your youth. This next step is to WIN.

Win—for all of the long, hot summer days.

Win—for all of the 5:30 a.m. alarms and early morning Sittason building sessions.

Win—for your school and the classmates, teachers, and administrators that have supported you through it all.

Win—for the town that will follow you to Tuscaloosa.

Win—for those that know that size, speed, and ability is no match for heart, determination, and the strong desire of hard-working boys playing as a team with one heartbeat.

Win—for all of the Tigers of days gone by who fought the good fight but came up short.

For the boys of ’82, ‘02 and ‘10 who came within a few points of being where you are now.

For the boys of ’80 and ’81 who made it to the big show, only to see the coveted prize go to the other team.

Win—for the Tigers of tomorrow…who will all try to reach the mark that you have carved.

Win—for that Tiger of over a quarter of a century who deserves to leave this game a champion.

Win—for the “Big Tiger” who made you believe you were a champion and worked you hard enough to make it here.

WIN—simply because it is the next game on our schedule and the next check mark on the list of goals we set out to accomplish a year ago.

Win—because we are HARTSELLE TIGERS and that is what we do.

Coach Dan Styles, 2011

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