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A Christmas Eve heavenly chat

Published 11:24am Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have you ever considered the conversation that could have occurred on Christmas Eve between our Heavenly Father and the Angels He sent to tell the shepherds of Jesus’ Birth? In my imagination it might have gone something like this:

Heavenly Father: Hey Angel

Angel: Yes, Lord

Heavenly Father: You know I have a plan to save mankind.

Angel: Yes, Lord. You’ve sent us from time to time to tell various prophets about sending them a savior.

Heavenly Father: Yes, yes exactly well tonight’s the night! My son will be arriving tonight! And. . .

The angel begins to glow with excitement and says: And I get to go tell people!! Who do I get to tell first? The kings? No, no, the rabbi’s? Oh wait, no! I know! I get to appear to everyone at once!! Oh, Father! I’m so excited I can…

Heavenly Father as he’s holding up hands: Wait just a minute. Yes, you are going to get to tell several at once, but it’s not kings, or rabbi’s. You’re going to tell a little group of shepherds just outside the town of Bethlehem.

Angel: What? (as he sticks his finger in his ear to make sure they are not stopped up) Tell who?

Heavenly Father chuckling just a bit: You heard me. The shepherds on a hill outside Bethlehem.

Angel: Really? Shepherds, Lord?! Well, okay, I’ll do anything you ask me, but. . .

Heavenly Father: But what?

Angel: But why them Lord? Have you seen them? Have you SMELLED them? Do you really want them to go see your Son?

Heavenly Father: Yes, I’m sure. You see my Son is for even the lowest of people. All the patriarchs were shepherds such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and even King David was a shepherd and my Son will be the known as the Chief Shepherd and the good shepherd. I want them to know that I want to offer salvation to everyone.

Angel: I know your plan is perfect Lord and you always know best. So what do you want me to tell the shepherds? Where should I tell them to go to see your Son?

Heavenly Father: First of all, your showing up is going to scare those poor shepherds silly, so make sure to tell them not to be afraid and you’re not about to tell them the world is ending, but that your going to tell them wonderful news. Next, tell them to look in the town of David and that they will find my Son lying in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Angel: A manger?? But Lord, he’s your Son!! He’s their savior!! And what about his Momma?? She’s going to have to have her baby in a stable?? Do you know what animals do there?? They don’t use toilets you know!

Heavenly Father: Who am I? I am aware of what the animals do there. I created them you know.

Angel: Yes, Lord. Of course. I’m sorry for questioning you. I’ll do my very best not to scare the shepherds, but to make them understand this exciting news that their Savior, Christ the Lord, has come at last. Thank you Lord for choosing me! Is it time yet?

Heavenly Father: Yes, it is time.

This “conversation” is obviously just my imagination in overdrive. However, the birth of my Savior, Jesus, is a fact. Jesus gave up everything to come to earth just to give each and every one of us a chance to spend eternity with Him in heaven. I just wonder how many of us are willing to do what the angel in this story did and say, “Yes, Lord.” Thank you for choosing me and I’ll do my best at whatever you ask me even if it sounds rather strange at the time.

May our Heavenly Father bless and keep you and yours during this Christmas season.

In honor of the birth of Christ,

Merry Christmas,

The Blaylocks

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