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Being too tech savvy

Published 5:24pm Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I love technology. I suppose I get that from my daddy. Daddy loved to have the latest gadgets.

Recently, however, I have noticed some things that make me wonder if we are getting a little too dependent on technology. My best friend and I made a list of “You Might Be Too Dependent on Technology If. . .”

1) You don’t know how to turn the TV on or off or change the channel if you can’t find the remote.

2) A rotary telephone blows your mind. (“What’s a rotary phone?” Just google it.)

3) You find out who your neighbors are because they send you a friend request on Facebook.

4) You don’t know how to reheat food without using a microwave.

5) Your teens talk in “text” speech. (LOL (laugh out loud), BRB (be right back), BTW (by the way), this is a whole other article!)

6) There is a beeping in your house and you have to check the stove, microwave, dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, cell phone, Bluetooth, laptop computer, desk top computer, wristwatch, alarm clocks, and your children’s toys before you discover it is the smoke alarm telling you it is time to replace the battery.

7) You are filling out paperwork for your child and discover there is not enough room to put: Mom’s home number, cell phone number, work number, personal e-mail, and work e-mail, Daddy’s cell number, work number, personal e-mail and work e-mail, and both grandparents home number, cell numbers, work numbers, and e-mails!

8) Your child knows their password for the computer before they can actually read.

9) You use a GPS to go to the store.

10) Your child uses T-9 on their phone to check their spelling on a homework assignment.

11) You loose all of your family’s addresses because you drop your cell phone in the sink.

12) Your son IMs (instant message) you to ask if he can go to a friend’s when you are upstairs on your computer and he is downstairs on his computer. (seriously)

Hope this brought a smile to you today. Have a great week!

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