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Morgan County Marriage Licenses for March 28

Published 11:26am Thursday, March 29, 2012

Titus Demetrius Lampkin, 6-22-90, of Decatur and Kanisha Rasheda Driskell,11-20-83 of Decatur

Mossiel Ivan Gomez Flores, 9-25-82 of Decatur and Viviana Michelle Velastequi, 9-5-82, of Decatur

Dustin Michael Holbert, 5-19-87, of Danville and Whitney Dawn Turner, 5-24-86, of Hartselle

Kenneth David Brodie, 10-29-83, of Decatur and Tiffany Ann Hill, 10-14-88, of Decatur

Joel Patrick Booth, 5-14-74, of Lacey’s Spring and Janice Leigh Rock, 11-7-67, of Lacey’s Spring

Dustin Duke McNutt, 5-16-85, of Hartselle and Teresa Danielle Staudt, 1-29-88, of Hartselle

Jonathan Daniel Cunningham, 1-20-90, of Hartselle and Valerie Delaine Hobby, 5-1-88, of Hartselle

Nathan Jeffery Cameron, 11-25-84, of Decatur and Shannon Paige Atkins, 10-21-88, of Decatur

Shannon Dee Shedd, 12-2-81, of Danville and Trista Joann Ballinger, 8-12-86, of Town Creek

Scott Kevin Bradley, 10-19-63, of Hartselle and Louann Barnett, 10-17-69, of Hartselle

Charles Edward Jackson, 9-18-58, of Decatur and Mary Virginia Elliott, 9-4-55, of Decatur


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