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Family appreciates expression of sympathy

Published 6:08pm Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Editor:

The Family of J.P. Cain deeply appreciate and gratefully acknowledge your kind expression of sympathy, love and respect for J.P. You touched his heart and career in a very positive way he never forgot and he touched yours. This genuine love was shared, grief though heart-rendering cannot take love away. Love is forever.

The many deeds shared back and forth live on, the smile and handshake, a 5-year-old great-grandson, Will, said to Kate, another 5-year-old, “Kate, did you know Pop went to heaven”? “Uh-huh,” Kate replied, “My daddy told me.” Will added, “Think we better play (the piano) a little more softly”? Two 1-year-olds played quietly, maybe dozed in their parents arms, another placed his arms around his parents as they listen to music and beautiful words about their Pop, six grandsons were pallbearers, four granddaughters carried long stem red roses for Pop.

You tremendous friends shared with us as you did so often through the years, coach, teacher, mentor was I know pleased at the gentle breeze, the kind of day he really liked. You could feel the great love for this good man who loved and appreciates you each and everyone.

Love one said, “Wherever a beautiful soul has been … a lasting impression remains.”

Thank you friends, we love you,

J.P. Cain’s Family

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