Morgan County Marriage Licenses for May 9

Published 10:02pm Wednesday, May 9, 2012

•Daniel Steven Lanier, 12-03-1986, Decatur, to Chelsea Alisa Clark, 02-12-1987, Decatur.

• Forrest Todd Phillips, 04-25-1970, Hartselle, to Amy Renae Donaldson, 08-05-1975, Hartselle.

•Johnny Benson Nesmith, 02-01-1940, Hanceville, to Kay Savage, 08-19-1941, Decatur.

•Jason Alexander Porter, 02-07-1984, Decatur, to Cara Elizabeth Shubert, 04-25-1984, Dora.

•Christopher Kelly Cottrell, 11-04-1982, Somerville, to Lesa Michelle Davis 09-14-1978, Somerville.

•Andrew Joel Prater, 02-27-1986, Hartselle, to Cassidy Nicole Carroll, 04-12-1986, Hartselle.

•Ryan Marshall Louderback, 11-25-1991, Danville, to Rebecca Leann Landers, 04-14-1995, Danville.

•Joshua Nathan Payne, 07-03-1991, Hartselle, to Heather Nicole Moore, 07-02-1993, Hartselle.

•Tyler Rashaud Sales, 11-12-1990, Decatur, to Toni Santana Michelle Robinson, 05-25-1989, Decatur.

•Zachary Bruce Cochran, 11-09-1988, Hartselle, to Kimberly Dawn Thomason, 01-04-1992, Hartselle.

•Johnny Cornelias Fletcher, 03-26-1973, Courtland to Audrey Michelle Ricks, 09-02-1968, Hartselle.

•Theodore Lewis Olson, 02-01-1990, Holly Pond, to Emily Erin Carden, 01-08-1993, Holly Pond.

•Timothy Dwight Nelms, 05-20-1977, Hartselle, to Misty Dawn Powell, 11-16-1986, Huntsville.

•William Lewis Summerford, 09-10-1983, Hartselle, to Tara Melissa Smith, 05-18-1983, Hartselle.

•Zachary Joseph Blaine Wright, 09-11-1985, Trinity, to Abbey Laray Sparks, 04-27-1992, Athens.

•Dillion Andrew Justice, 03-13-1993, Decatur, to Kristine Nicole Saxon, 09-07-1993, Decatur.

•Michael Contreras, 07-12-1991, Decatur, to Saraslyn Eva Hicks, 03-30-1992, Decatur.

•Jacob Andrew Kohute, 10-01-1975, Decatur, to Candice Holly Kohute, 12-16-1978, Decatur.

•Michael Dewayne Davis, 07-14-1970, Hillsboro, to Fannie Marie Crook. 10-0101974, Hartselle.

•Scott Anthony Parrish, 08-04-1985, Hartselle, to Laura Brittany Ray, 10-13-1986, Hartselle.

•Kevin Deonne Jackson, 01-13-1982, Decatur, to Ashlee Brooke Williams, 08-04-1987, Hartselle.

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