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New Center Baptist collecting school supplies for the 2012-13 school year

Published 8:27pm Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My sister Kaye and I had the opportunity to attend the 85th anniversary of CF Penn Hamburgers in Decatur.

There were quite a few others there as well. In honor of the occasion, you could purchase a burger for 15 cents or a cheeseburger for 30 cents, with a limit of two.

The sale lasted for 85 minutes. We enjoyed talking to Franklin Penn, the son of Hugh Penn, who was also present for the celebration.

Kayla Widener was honored recently by family and friends with a Sunday lunch in honor of her birthday. All enjoyed good food and spending time together.

Happy birthday wishes go o9ut to Imogene Smithson, May 1; Vanessa Brown, May 2; Benny Brown, May 4; Bob Ash May 11; Beth Finley, Preston Wilson and Grace Miller, all on May 12; Will Hudson, Richard Smith and Randall Wilson, all on May 13. Happy anniversary wishes go out to Marlon and Donna Terry, May 5; Jim and Pam Roberts, May 6; Jon and Ali Mast, May 9.

Mission Project for the Children, the Mission Friends and Soldiers for Christ of New Center Baptist Church will be collecting school supplies from now until the new school year begins. Be a blessing and help if you can.

Sun., May 13, is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Evelyn Motes. There aren’t enough words in the world to express how thankful I am for all the many ways you have always been there for our family. Always putting our needs before yours. You’ve always known how to make things better even before we would. Love you much, your oldest daughter, Javon.

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