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Southern fried tradition

Published 8:44pm Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was born and raised in Southeast Missouri and have always considered myself a Southern girl. Although some don’t consider that the South, most of us who lived there did and still do.

I began thinking about things that are not uncommon in the South. So with the help of friends we came up with a list. Some are funny, some are serious, all are true.

You know you’re in the South when…

• “Ma’am” of “Sir” is an expected part of an answer.

• You dread going to a family reunion because you might see an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

• Sweet tea is served with every meal.

• It’s not weird to eat fried okra, French fries and mashed potatoes for a meal.

• Anything is better fried – vegetable, fruit or otherwise.

• When you hear a freight train, you look at the sky to make sure it’s not a tornado.

• Trucks are jacked up and made louder so they fit in.

• People own dinner bells – and occasionally use them – in town.

• Tractors are an expected part of the Christmas Parade.

• Bass fishing is a high school and college sport.

• The dirt is red.

• “Y’all” is actually a word and we know what it means.

• You don’t mind the rain, it’s better than the dust.

• You see someone smoking at a Relay for Life event.

• A formal event means no jeans.

• Church is expected on Sunday mornings and being late is still frowned upon.

• We can insult you and complement you in the same breath.

• Sports are an expected part of growing up.

• “Family” doesn’t just mean blood relative.

• A “moment of silence” means you actually pray.

• You are expected to remove your hat and salute the American Flag during the national anthem. (As soon as they can stand alone, kids start being taught this one.)

• When an adult shakes his or her head “no” to a child not his or her own, the child obeys.

• We call it the way we see it. We don’t work too hard at being “politically correct.”

• Food is the answer for most things. A death in the family? Take ‘em food. A birth in the family? Take a casserole. An illness? Soup is good. A new family in the neighborhood? Cookies!!!

• Don’t like the way we do things? Aww, too bad. (Yeah, we have attitude.)

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