Morgan County Marriage Licenses for May 23

Published 3:38pm Wednesday, May 23, 2012

•Donald Cary Pruitt, 6-2-60, of Decatur to Nita Jean Baldwin, 4-24-47, of Decatur.

•Stephen Tracey Conley, 5-29-65, of Hartselle to April Dawn Beddingfield, 4-19-80, of Hartselle.

•Joseph Daryl Jones, 12-9-86, of Danville to Jamie Lynn Hardin, 9-25-89, of Hartselle.

•James Dwain Self, 1-22-62, of Decatur to Linda Kae Mull, 11-14-64, of Decatur.

•Nicholas Andrew Prater, 8-13-90, of Decatur to Brittany Danielle Vinson, 10-19-91, of Decatur.

•Shannon Craig Sandlin, 11-19-72, of Moulton to Courtney Shay Lamon, 10-20-81, of Moulton.

•Vincent Michael Asprino, 5-7-65, of Decatur to Diane Carol Palmer, 4-14-68, of Decatur.

•William Trever Slaten, 3-5-90, of Decatur to Elizabeth Morgan Hill, 4-26-94, of Decatur

•Norwood William Camus, 2-13-87, of Hartselle to Stormie Faith Cole, 4-8-94, of Hartselle

•Brandon Michael Lott, 4-16-83, of Hartselle to Regina Michelle Croxell, 9-3-77, of Hartselle

•Colton Jay Loggins, 8-25-91, of Somerville to Grace Noel Taylor, 12-25-93, of Hartselle

•David Milton Mahaffey, 12-5-62, of Decatur to Sherry Delene Steadman, 6-8-50, of Decatur

•Michael Daniel Kirkpatrick, 8-18-80, of Hartselle to Devan Paige Gulley, 9-15-83, of Decatur

•James Coty Tuner, 8-5-88, of Lacey’s Spring, to Champagne Reanna Thoreson, 9-4-93, of Lacey’s Spring.

•Emmanuel Deshun Moody, 1-20-83, of Decatur to Pamela Talane Chapman, 1-23-76, of Decatur.

•Larry Dywayne Lang, 21-11-75, of Somerville to Jennifer Marie Wilbourn, 1-5-87, of Lacey’s Spring.

•Robert Hunter Hatchett, 5-24-71, of Decatur to Stacy Darleen Wahn, 4-24-75, of Decatur.

•Kelley Reno Harville, 10-22-79, of Falkville to Tara Desiree Anders, 11-5-90, of Falkville.

•Jarad Anthony Roberts, 5-8-85, of Decatur to Patricia Jeanette Gaiter, 2-28-85, of Decatur.

•Jarvis Tramaine Anderson, 10-21-88, of Decatur to Cecilia Linette Nance, 3-17-89, of Decatur.

•Jessie James Ledlow, 4-29-90, of Decatur to April Renae Davis, 6-29-88, of Decatur.

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