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What is summer?

Published 3:07pm Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well, the last two weeks have been absolutely crazy at the Blaylock home! With the end of school, graduation, one getting ready for college, one getting ready for high school, one studying for a driver’s permit, finishing up baseball, John informing me he had at least two business trips this summer and trying to plan our summer, I feel like I haven’t had a chance to breathe!

There are some things that are just a given in our home when it comes to summer. One is of course the pool. It is impossible for us to have a summer without the swimming pool. I like the fact that all my kids swim now and I do not have to hover over them. When we go to the pool I can take a book and chill out a little enjoy a book, a conversation, or just some R & R. Another given in our home during the summer is Vacation Bible School. I cannot imagine a summer without it!

Of course, summer is not all play. There are still regular chores to be done, summer chores (like lawn mowing), and some educational activities. If you just heard a collective groan that probably came from my children. Actually, some of them read for pleasure, a couple take a little more encouragement (and occasionally the promise of discipline if they do not do it).

I have always found it easier to get kids to do something if they have some say in what they are doing. For example, kids will be most likely to read a book if they get to pick it out. Although I do not always allow them to pick just anything they want, I do try to give them the choice of several. However as they have gotten older, we have also had to become conscious of the fact that with some advanced classes summer reading is required. Not always fun, but oh well into every life a little rain must fall. We also always try to include a few day trips to local historical sites, parks, lakes and just about anything else we can find that is inexpensive! As the kids have grown we have tried to accommodate their varied interests, which in and of itself is mind blowing!

I hope everyone has an awesome summer and next week I’ll give some of our pointers on day trips!

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