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Taking time to reflect on God’s bountiful blessings

Published 12:07pm Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I walked out on the deck this morning and was awed by all of the birds singing and everything glistening in its coat of green. I thought that it has been a few days since I had taken the time to thank God for my blessings.

Sometimes we get so busy we forget everyday living and forget to give thanks for everything.

We don’t have to be afraid, Even though there are flaws in our government, we still have the freedom to choose who our government officials are. We can lie down and sleep knowing that while we sleep there are people working to keep us safe.

Ever since our country was formed and fought for, God was behind it. I firmly believe He planned each one of us just like he planned our country.

Mankind has messed with his plans and we sometimes elect the wrong people, but God is still in charge.

We have the free will to decide what we will do, but without His guidance we mess up. I’m thankful our country did away with slavery. No one should be enslaved. Of course, we who read know there is still evil going on and always will be.

Last week, the seniors at Eva and Oden Ridge enjoyed making a trip to the Joe Wheeler Plantation. I enjoyed it very much. We walked back in history. Gen. Joe Wheeler fought for what he believed in, as did several of my ancestors.

So we have today, my country, right or wrong.

The seniors also enjoyed eating lunch at Libby’s on Alabama 67 afterward. On our way home, we stopped by the home of Jim and Louise Campbell. Jim is not doing well and Louise is staying close and taking care of him.

We all enjoyed the visit and they were thrilled that we dropped by.

Jim and Louise have been great and very active in helping at the senior center in the past. Everyone misses them.

We thank Ruth Livingston and Gretta Early for our trip. Those enjoying the trip were Jack and Lora Garnett, Gail Childers, Donald and Atha Allison, Sandra Grysley, Wilda Holmes, Bonnie Holmes, Florence Hale and Al and Venia Bohnet.

Some of my great-grandchildren enjoyed Bible school at Eva Baptist Church last week. The church had a wonderful program. It was a big success.

On Sunday afternoon, Journey Church hosted a bridal shower for Christa Brown and Drew Long. The couple receives lots of pretty gifts and everyone had a lot of fun. Their wedding will be in July.

Earlier, I asked for prayer for Billy Stockton who was born premature because of complications. He is the son of Cierra and Chris Allen, our granddaughter. All of our prayers were answered. He is doing fine and weighs about 15 pounds now. He is a healthy little boy.

Last Sunday, was Decoration at Oden Ridge Baptist Church. We were happy to have my late husband Jake’s daughter Judy and husband Richard and granddaughter Amy as visitors from Tennessee.

Last week for Father’s Day, Al’s children Sandy and Dianne visited from California and Dennis and Ginger from Florida. Al didn’t know they were coming so, of course, he was surprised and pleased.

Happy belated birthday to Teresa Kinney on June 14.

We were sorry to hear about George B. Henry passing away. He was a friend of my brothers when they were growing up.

Please keep Jim and Louise Campbell, Mary McElway, Maudie Garnett and Floyd Shelton on your prayer lists.

Chris and Felicia Hale are building a new home. We are happy to welcome them to our community.

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