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Camp Meeting is truly unique

Published 6:55pm Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The old wooden benches. The sawdust floors. People using old fashioned fans to keep cool during the hot June days.

That’s several of the things you’ll get to experience during the annual Hartselle Camp Meeting at the old Tabernacle.

The 113th annual encampment ended last week, but it is something truly special about this place and event every year.

Some churches or denominations will hold revivals using the title “Camp Meeting,” but it’s a far cry from what we see here in Hartselle.

First of all, the meeting is actually held on a camp site. It’s not in a nice, air-conditioned building with nice floors and nice pews to sit on. It’s held outside in the elements. Although a roof covers the Tabernacle, it is still not air-conditioned.

Second, it also has two services a day with many Bible studies, devotions and other classes throughout the day. Most of the time, you can spend your entire day out at the Tabernacle.

And it’s in a setting that really allows you an opportunity to forget about what’s going on around you and focus on getting to know the Lord.

Throughout the 113 years of its existence, there have been numerous lives that were changed because of the experience they had at the Tabernacle. Many can remember the day or maybe even the exact time when they first accepted Jesus in their lives.

It’s truly a unique experience. You can even sense it when you’re just out there on the camp grounds, that there’s just something special about this place.

I’d like to applaud everyone who has helped keep the camp meeting going this long. It’s truly something unique and special. I hope that this movement never dies here in Hartselle. I doubt that it will because of the dedication of those who are involved with it every year.

This is something that generations to come can continue to experience right here in Hartselle.

Brent Maze is the managing editor of the Hartselle Enquirer.

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