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Freedom: A work in progress

Published 10:00am Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How exciting it is that our nation is celebrating its 236th birthday. Freedom from tyranny, freedom to worship and maybe even freedom to simply be free men as provided by the Declaration of Independence, which was signed so many years ago.

As we pause this week to celebrate our independence we must always remember that this freedom came with a price. Much blood was shed to get to that point in our history and much more has been shed to maintain that freedom over the last two centuries. Freedom does not come free and the price tag continues to grow each day.

The United States of America endured a civil war and came through stronger. While many nations have been unable to survive such a division we did and continued to move forward and advance. Through WWI and WWII we continued to prosper and grow and continued to fight to keep our freedom and way of life. After WWII, two wars have been fought to fight the spread of communism. The American people are a proud people and are willing to stand up and fight against oppression, not only for ourselves but when we see others being hurt and freedoms denied them.

We came to the aid of Kuwait when Iraq decided to invade the Middle Eastern nation. We drove the Iraqi troops back to their own soil and within a few miles of Baghdad. Unfortunately their leader did not learn his lesson the first time. Then the unthinkable happened; those who hate our country, way of life, and our freedom attacked the U.S. on our own soil. Using innocent men, women, and children to try and bring down this great nation, the murderers found out how hard we can fight back. Osama Bin Laden and his evil army thought they could break this nation. Little did they know that we are a tough, proud and independent people. We are people who do not take kindly to the type of violence and bloodshed they brought to our home soil. When pushed, we push back even stronger. We were damaged but not broken, and within weeks were searching for those behind the 9/11 plan. Planes and soldiers went after them in Afghanistan in their hiding places. We went back to Iraq and ended Sadam Hussein’s rule and helped justice come to him. Bin Laden received his deserved reward a few years later.

We are proud to be Americans; we love our country, and most of all we are willing to fight for the land that we love. May God continue to shed His grace on thee, from sea to shining sea.

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