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LETTER: Don’t disobey God’s laws

Published 11:13am Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Editor,

Remember the children of Israel? God said, “If you disobey, you will not go to the Promised Land.” Listen! Hear God say: We, too, have a promised land, where Jesus has gone to prepare. ”It’s expedient that I go away, but I am coming back to help you with each care.”

Empowered through the blood of Jesus, the compassion of Christ have we. All made possible through Jesus, purchased on cavalry’s tree. Please don’t take Jesus lightly stand up boldly for Him! In our minds, let’s follow Jesus, Holy Week, there in Jerusalem.

Peter said, “I don’t even know Him. Immediately, the cock began to crow. Is silence within you a denial? God’s word says, “We reap what we sow.” Is someone looking through you to see Jesus? Please don’t let Christ down. Those who are faithful to the end, Jesus offers a robe and crown.

Hell will last as long as Heaven; we’re choosing up sides today! We’re not promised tomorrow. Follow Jesus, He will direct your way. Can’t you just feel us at home in heaven. Big brother, Jesus paid it all. But you’ll have to come to Calvary, pick up your claim and stand spiritually tall.

There’s a time line, “only as long as your have the breath to breathe, so come quickly and claim your inheritance. Don’t continue Jesus to grieve. It matters about your neighbor, if they through you, Christ to see. When we each stand before the judgment, it will be a solitary me.

John 14:1-3

Laverne V. Byrd

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