Morgan County Marriage Licenses for July 4

Published 7:03am Tuesday, July 3, 2012

•Timothy Eugene Newman, 12-26-68, of Falkville to Amber Louise Fields, 12-6-82, of Falkville

•Charles Jerome Duncan, 3-31-88, of Hartselle to Angela Christine Hill, 11-18-71, of Hartselle

•Mikia Jamie Wood, 3-27-78, of Decatur to Sonya Deshawn Pruitt, 8-24-71, of Decatur

•Adam Ward Gillespie, 11-1-89, of Decatur to Shana Marie Scott, 6-15-91, of Decatur

•Steven Renay Rampley, 3-28-66, of Decatur to Dana Andrea Ray, 5-25-77, of Decatur

•Russell Pat Segars, 5-31-61, of Hartselle to Sabrina Marie Raynor, 10-4-67, of Danville

•Tedourous Luaun Franklin, 4-26-78, of Somerville to Julie Ann Cooper, 12-7-79, of Somerville

•Shaun Ashley Widner, 10-26-84, of Decatur to Britley Cole Leonard, 12-11-87, of Athens

•Earl Jack Dempsey, 1-26-74, of Hartselle to Tammy Gail Nelson, 2-25-67, of Hartselle

•Shawn Aron Shelton, 1-3-86, of Decatur to Molly Patricia Ballard, 8-28-90, of Decatur

•Larry Tavaris Scott, 12-16-78, if Decatur to Caroline Katrice Taylor, 8-8-92, of Decatur

•Barry Cecil John, 5-5-82, of Hartselle to Amanda Jean Sansing, 1-7-80, of Hartselle

•Jonathan Edward Tait, 7-31-82, of Madison to Sooi Sooi Ooi, 12-8-75, of Madison

•Andrew Christopher Svarney, 12-15-79, of Birmingham to Anna Caroline House, 6-26-81, of Birmingham

•Brandon James Cook Alvis, 2-23-81, of Decatur to Elizabeth Louise Slager, 11-8-78, of Decatur

•Jason Patrick Powell, 4-26-73, of Falkville to Marge Beth Wynn, 12-4-69, of Falkville

•Patrick Lee Conway, 3-26-80, of Austin, Tex. to Brandy Nicole Logan, 4-16-80, of Austin, Tex.

•James Erick Thomas Brenner, 8-26-88, of Hartselle to Karissa Danielle Cowart, 9-19-88, of Hartselle

•Charles Louis Fricks, 4-28-87, of Falkville to Melissa Gay Bates, 10-26-79, of Falkville

•Richard Smith, 5-11-62, of Madison to Vivian Lynne Cagle, 11-7-62, of Athens

•Nathan Mark Judkins, 4-24-88, of Longview, Tex., to Anna Marie Fredrickson, 1-16-93, of Decatur

•Nicholas Dean Hall, 6-15-82, of Decatur to Kourtney Nicole Taylor, 4-26-90, of Decatur

•Miguel Antwoin Valentin, 1-3-89, of Hartselle to Brittani Chenita Williams, 8-9-90, of Hartselle

•George Eldon Vinson, 6-17-44, of Decatur to Mary Ellen Hall, 3-15-48, of Decatur

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