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Support legalized alcohol sales

Published 12:15pm Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am Jimmy Reed, a resident of Hartselle. I was born and raised in Hartselle. I graduated from Morgan County High School (now Hartselle High School) in1976.

Let’s talk about doing business in Hartselle. When I was growing up in Hartselle, we had no indoor movie theatre, no mall, and our choice of eating establishments and entertainment facilities was limited. Here we are 36 years later and our situation is basically the same. Hartselle residents continue to spend their money in surrounding towns.

I say “its time” to do business in Hartselle and vote for the legalized sale of alcohol in Hartselle. Hartselle facts: Hartselle is an excellent place to live and alcohol is consumed daily in Hartselle; Hartselle has an excellent award-winning school system and alcohol is consumed daily in Hartselle; Hartselle is known as being a sports town and alcohol is consumed daily in Hartselle; Hartselle has excellent fire and police protection and alcohol is consumed daily in Hartselle; Hartselle has a state championship football team and alcohol is consumed daily in Hartselle; There is no fence at Hartselle‘s city limits to prevent alcohol from being brought into Hartselle; There is no shakedown by law enforcement at Hartselle’s city limits to prevent alcohol from flowing into Hartselle; This is because it is legal to bring alcoholic beverages into Hartselle; Alcohol can be purchased legally outside of Hartselle and can be brought into Hartselle and transported on Hartselle’s city streets and carried to the purchaser’s residence for consumption.

The consumption of alcohol is not holding Hartselle back from achieving excellence, but Hartselle’s businesses and growth are being held back by not having the legal sale of alcohol.

Retail developers view Hartselle as being less than attractive for doing business because we do not have legalized sales of alcohol. Having legalized sales projects a progressive tone and attracts business. Legalized sales will attract new retail outlet, restaurants and entertainment facilities. An overall increase in growth attracts industry.

We live in Hartselle. Think about it, we have a residence in Hartselle, go to school in Hartselle, work in our yards in Hartselle and do some shopping in Hartselle, but when we want to be entertained or go out on the town for a nice meal or go on a shopping trip or to a movie, go to the mall, etc. we go to another town to spend our money. We need to do business in Hartselle.

We have a new industrial park being readied at I-65 and Thompson Rd. and we need to fill that park with good-paying industrial facilities. My dad raised his family in Hartselle, but had to commute for a good-paying job. I live in Hartselle and also commute to work. The young adult citizens of Hartselle need to have a vision for the future of Hartselle. Today’s younger adults must demand that retail outlets and industry do business in Hartselle, so they can truly live, shop, work and be entertained in Hartselle.

We don’t need our town to be left behind and outgrown by the other towns that we compete with. We need to change our mindset and focus together on growing business in our town of Hartselle.

Let’s work together because “it’s time” to vote yes for legal sales and say yes to making Hartselle #1 in business just like we are in sports.

I invite everyone to talk to the HCED committee members. Come to one of our events; we will be wearing our T-shirts and name tags. We welcome your input and suggestions. We are proud of Hartselle and committed to Hartselle’s growth. We will show you that we are sincere and dedicated.

Thank y’all for your time and support.

Jimmy A. Reed, Hartselle

  • Dubbin4Life

    I think it’s funny that nobody in that dry town will comment on this! Jimmy Reed, my hats off to you sir! You are exactly right! I bet half the people that have voted “NO” in the past, have went home and had a drink after they placed that hypocritical vote! It’s high time that Hartselle started seeing it’s fair share of the money that gets spent in other cities. I think it’s crazy it has taken this long for people to come around. There is not telling how much revenue Hartselle has missed out on the past few years/decades. People think the number of DUI’s will go up, I don’t think they will. I think people will be just fine to sit at home and have a few cold beers! I could go on and on, long story short, the sale of alcohol will only make Hartselle a better place to live because of the amount of jobs and money it will bring in! Again, nice story Jimmy, really hope this passes this year! I might come home for vacation more often!

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