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LETTER: To go wet or to lean forward? That is the question

Published 10:54am Wednesday, July 11, 2012

• Aside from legalizing the sale of alcohol, are there other viable options with equal or greater benefits and fewer disadvantages?

A careful consideration of these important points raises two important questions: First, am I prepared to vote with conviction on this important issue; and second, am I prepared to assume full responsibility for the consequences of my vote.

In light of these important considerations, it becomes increasingly clear that legalizing the sale of alcohol in Hartselle is a complex issue with critical consequences.

Going wet would not only make alcohol more readily available, it would reflect the city’s endorsement of its use and potential abuse.

Legalizing the sale of alcohol in our city would, admittedly, provide a source of new revenue, but at what cost?

As a licensed psychologist who has worked with alcohol and drug dependent patients, I am convinced that going wet would increase the probability of alcohol abuse, decrease the quality of life, and at its worst, increase the probability of the loss of life due to driving under the influence.

In the final analysis, the legalization of alcohol begs the question: How valuable is a human life? How can we justify an increase in tax revenue that is associated with the loss of lives, to include the life of innocent victims?

To go wet or to go forward—that is the question! It’s time for Hartselle’s citizens, including parents, ministers, physicians, lawyers, city personnel, managers, merchants, students, and all others to carefully examine this issue and let their voices be heard. It’s time to lean forward with purpose and conviction!

Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

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