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Joe Wheeler EMC warns against scam

Published 10:47am Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joe Wheeler EMC is warning its customers to beware of a widespread utility scam, which gives customers bank routing and account numbers to pay their utility bills.

Several members called saying they were contacted by someone from Joe Wheeler EMC telling them that President Barack Obama’s Administration had a new “bailout” program to pay people’s utility bills.

The members were given routing and account numbers from an account to pay their bills. All the member has to do when they receive this phone call is give them their social security number and other personal information.

Officials with Joe Wheeler EMC said there is no such “bailout” program. Scammers are trying to get all the personal information and social security numbers they can to commit identity theft.

Legitimate companies will not call or email you asking for your account number or social security number.

If you are contacted by one of these scammers, officials directed customers not to give the scammers any personal information.

If you use the bank account numbers they give you to pay your bill, the transaction is going to be denied because no such account exists.

For more information, call Joe Wheeler EMC at 256-552-2300.

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