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Voting ‘yes’ won’t send you to hell

Published 7:58pm Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am soon approaching my 55th birthday. I am not an alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic, nor am I married to one. Our children were never abused, deprived of basic necessities, starved or left homeless, while we were raising them. Neither of them are addicted to alcohol.

I have never been involved with any alcohol related crime, incident or accident. Having a convenience store around the corner that sells alcohol doesn’t “tempt” me, one bit. I don’t go to bars or nightclubs.

I support the referendum! Why?

It’s simple. I see possibilities of quality eating establishments, with no strings attached. I see additional tax revenue. I see much needed additional jobs in Hartselle. I see a greater advantage of attracting businesses for industrial growth. I can see all this, without coercion, outside persuasion and without convictions.

While I can see all this, I understand that sometime people get injured, and sometime they lose their life because of someone that is intoxicated. That doesn’t change my opinion, one iota. Whether they purchase their drink in Hartselle, Cullman Moulton, or Decatur doesn’t change the fact that they are going to buy it somewhere, and that federal studies, statistics and facts clearly show that wet communities and counties are safer than dry ones.

Contrary to another writer’s opinion, I don’t think you will go to hell if you vote yes to allow legalized alcohol sales or have an occasional beer, glass of wine, or a mixed drink. I have never heard any minister stand on a pulpit and proclaim that having a drink of alcohol is a sin. The “sin” is when you abuse it.

According to credible sources, several eating establishments have inquired with unnamed city employees, about locating in Hartselle. When they were advised that we were a dry community, these establishments said, thanks, but no thanks. Also, I have been informed that a developer bolted after learning that we were dry. Yes, we’ve had a couple of eating establishments to locate here, and one in particular, Cracker Barrel, but what is the cost and effect? No other similar type of competition for decades!

I will agree that there is an “unjust” issue in this. The “unjust” is when people choose to force their religious convictions on others! In doing so, they easily forget, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”

Mike Dowdy


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