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Cedar Plains observes 175th anniversary

Published 11:46am Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cedar Plains Christian Church in the Massey community observed its 175th anniversary with special activities Sun., Aug. 5.

Guest speaker at the 11 a.m. worship service was Regional Minister John Mobley. Special music was presented by Pastor Wendell Miller and Meleah, Mary and Benjamin, and the McGough Family. Everyone enjoyed lunch in the fellowship hall at noon, followed by an old-time hymn singing in the sanctuary.

Members of Shady Grove Baptist Church express Christian love and heartfelt prayers to Connie Campbell, Richard Cannon, Sydney Woznicki, Mandy Price, Stephen Hamilton, Cindy Simmons, Jimmy Wright, Pat Osborne, Steve Raley, Joe Greenhaw, Tim Lacy, Mary Terry, Kaitlin Faulkner, Emily Alred and baby, Blondie Morris, Tina DeYong, Shirley Bibb, Adam Mason and Jerry Jordan.

Special belated happy birthday wishes go out to Louise Morris on Aug. 13 and Keri Callahan and Steve Poole, both on Aug. 14.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Stanley Self on Aug. 15, Maxine Franklin on Aug. 16, Jada Penn on Aug. 17 and Lori McGuire on Aug. 19.

Happy wedding anniversary wishes go out this week to Jim and Scharlotte McAbee on Aug. 16,Bill and Janice Hargett on Aug 15 and Alan and Amy Lacy on Aug. 17. The Laceys will be celebrating their 16th anniversary and the Hargetts will be observing their 26th anniversary.

A special happy birthday is wished for Rachel Holladay Slate who will celebrate her 82nd birthday on Sun., Aug. 19. She is younger than her years because she has a sparkle in her blue eyes and a smile on her face, reflecting a strong faith in God.

The following are interesting facts about Alabama:

•Alabama is an Indian name that means, “we will clear our thickets and plant our seed.”

•The state motto is “We Dare Defend Our Rights.”

•The state seal was used for the first 50 years of the state’s history and then re-adopted in 1939.

•The state song “Alabama” was written by Miss Julie S. Tutwiler and set to music by Mrs. Edna Goekel Gussen. It became official in 1931,

•The state bird is the Yellowhammer (1927).

•The state fish is the Tarpon (1955).

The state flower is the Goldenrod (1927)

•The state tree is the longleaf pine (1949).

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