Morgan County Marriage Licenses for Aug. 15

Published 12:03pm Wednesday, August 15, 2012

•Demetrus Laron Lampkin, 6-29-85, of Decatur to Adrian Joyce Calvery, 3-22-79, of Decatur.

•Willie Beckham, 10-12-82, of Decatur to Mieko Hsafisa Cotton, 6-27-80, of Decatur.

•Michael Fuller, 9-21-61, of Decatur to Angela Michelle Todd, 5-23-65, of Decatur.

•Shannon Ira Burgett, 12-21-84, of Hartselle to Alisha Virginia Monzel, 3-22-84, of Hartselle.

•Christopher William Hill, 8-11-85, of Decatur to Angel Kristena Lewis, 5-30-90, of Decatur.

•Cory Allen Waddell, 6-30-79, of Hartselle to Joy Michelle Adame 7-11-83, of Hartselle.

•William Connell Wiggins, 1-14-55, of Decatur to Tracy Rose Bressette, 5-27-59, of Decatur.

•David Albert Goodwin, 8-6-62, of Cullman to Brenda Lee Goodwin, 1-25-61, of Hanceville.

•Robert Wayne Legg, 11-9-50, of Falkville to Mary Jane Legg, 2-5-62, of Falkville.

•Jeremy Aaron Whitaker, 8-11-80, of Decatur to Malory April Kay Molpus, 4-19-84, of Memphis, Tenn.

•Kenneth Lloyd Davis, 2-28-80, of Elkmont to Christy Dianne Haygood, 2-21-80, of Elkmont.

•Scott Oneil McClellan, 3-15-71, of Decatur to Carla Rae Hendrick, 4-5-73, of Athens.

•Clifton Jerome Foster, 4-7-89, of Decatur to Jennifer Nichole Durbin, 3-27-90, of Decatur.

•William Henry Lawson, 7-14-52, of Somerville to Lavada Ford, 5-11-61, of Somerville.

•William Gray Keenum, 8-28-92, of Raeford, N.C. to Mary Katherine Freeman, 2-6-92, of Raeford, N.C.

•Marvin Marrick Mitchell, 7-16-88, of Decatur to Kirstin Miranda Gay, 12-3-91, of Decatur.

•Christopher Clay Aldridge, 2-6-89, of Decatur to Lisa Marie Harrington, 4-13-87, of Decatur.

•William Timothy Mooney, 8-11-73, of Eva to Cindy Bryan Kenney, 7-10-71, of Eva.

•Patrick Logan Bone, 5-12-86, of Birmingham to Catherine Lyndsey Prickett, 2-4-86, of Birmingham.


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