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Superintendent Hopkins makes good grade on BOE evaluation

Published 11:58am Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Morgan County School Board members and administrators think Superintendent Bill Hopkins is doing a good job based on the results of a recent evaluation conducted by Dr. Neil Hyche.

Hyche reported results of the evaluation at a regular school board meeting on Aug. 9.

Hopkins was rated in eight separate categories by the seven board members and 25 principals. Grading was on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 representing the highest possible score and 1 the lowest.

Board members gave Hopkins a means score of 3.6, with 65 percent of them giving him 4’s, 29.1 percent, 3’s; and 4.7 percent, 2’s. His means score from principals was 3.8.

“This is one of the few evaluations I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing,” Hyche said. “Mr. Hopkins has one of the best personalities of all of the superintendents in the state, follows directions well and has the best handbook in the state.”

Hyche said Hopkins is “off the hook” for three more years. He also pointed out that state law as it applies to superintendent evaluations has changed and is no longer mandatory.

Instead, evaluations will be left up to individual school boards and the model they choose for such evaluations will be of their own making.

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