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Teacher Institute focuses on future

Published 11:29am Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All four speakers paid high compliments to educators.

“You are the heartbeat of education for Morgan County,” said Wallace. “I hope you have a great school year. Please remember we’re here for you.”

“You are the heroes of Morgan County,” Long stated. “The example you show in class will follow you in the lives of your students. We have to have you to have tomorrow’s leaders.”

Orr received the loudest applause when he announced that the primary focus of the next legislative session will be “doing something about teacher compensation. “It’s been about five years since you got a raise, and one’s long overdue.”

“We owe a debt of gratitude to you for the important roles you play in the lives of our children,” he added.

“All of the women in my life have been teachers, said Congressman Brooks.” So you can see why I think education is our most important profession. I hope you will continue to focus on subjects like history and civics, which have enabled us to have the greatest country in the world.”

Dr. Henry C. Mabry, executive secretary of the Alabama Education Association, was loudly applauded when he announced plans to lobby for a teacher pay raise in 2013 and a $525 classroom supplies allotment for each teacher.

He also voiced strong support for passage of a state constitutional amendment, subject to voter approval in a special election on Sept. 18. It proposes to take money from the Alabama Trust Fund and put it in the general fund to meet a shortfall in funds for Prise3ons, Medicaid and other general operations.

“In order for you to get a decent pay raise something had got to be done about this amendment,” Mabry stated. “Please do your homework and go to the polls and help ratify this amendment.”

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