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Expensive equipment donated to Priceville Police

Published 12:07pm Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Priceville Police Department has received an expensive piece of equipment from the Oxford Police Department that will help fight crime and could help with rescue operations.

Priceville Police Chief Billy Peebles informed the council at its regular meeting Thursday night that the town has received a $15,000 pole camera.

This small camera, which can be extended up to several feet, will allow police officers to see around dangerous corners or into an attic where a suspect is hiding. Peebles said it could also be used in rescue operations.

The camera then sends a wireless signal to a small monitor that can be worn on a person’s arm so the officer can view what the camera is showing. the camera also can be set up for night vision.

“We’re really excited to get this piece of equipment,” Peebles said. “It’s very expensive and this is the only way we could have obtained this equipment for our department.

“We would like to thank the Oxford Police Department for donating this $15,000 piece of equipment to our department.”

Peebles also said the handheld viewer can allow an officer to view as many as four different wireless camera feeds at a time.

In other business, the council paid its bills in the amount of $65,481.06 and approved the proposal for the professional landscape architectural services for construction observation of the interstate landscaping for the amount of 15 percent of the enhancement grant amount of $137,200, or $20,580.

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