Marriage Licenses for Aug. 29

Published 11:58am Wednesday, August 29, 2012

•Dontay Dwayne Robinson, 9-26-1989, of Courtland to Shynese Arae Nicholas, 11-24-1992, of Decatur.

•Joshua Michael Bowers, 1-23-1989, of Joppa to Jamie Lynn Worrell, 1-15-1991, of Joppa.

•Bradley Ralph Jones, 3-31-1975, of Hartselle to Christi Annette Gurney, 11-27-1969, of Hartselle.

•Churmell Leon Mitchell, 11-26-1991, of Decatur to Kristen Parvaneh Moradi, 6-4-1984, of Decatur.

•David William Ober, 3-3-1982, of Madison to Katherine Elizabeth Brown, 5-28-1989, of Decatur.

•Zeke Salcido, 3-2-1981, of Decatur to Destiny Deanna Clayton, 1-15-1992, of Decatur.

•Nicholas Bruce Flannagin, 4-4-1988, of Hartselle to Halli Shai Dean, 3-15-1988, of Hartselle.

•Charles Oneal Milton, 6-30-1980, of Tuscumbia to Carolyn Lavon Dillworth, 12-15-1967, of Tuscumbia.

• Blake Jordan Terry, 12-5-1990, of Hillsboro to Jennifer Tina Bolasevich, 10-14-1988, of Hartselle.

•Scott Alexander Townsend, 8-22-1981, of Lester to Kristie Delaine Riddlehoover, 1-31-1978, of Hartselle.

•Jerry Ray Glenn, 12-8-1965, of Hartselle to Melissa Joyce Braswell, 2-7-1969, of Decatur.

•John Brian Guckenberger, 8-6-1964, of Lacey’s Spring to Cynthia Robin Simmons, 2-17-1961, of Lacey’s Spring.

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