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Murphys celebrate 50th anniversary

Published 11:26am Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You won’t get any complaints from me about our weather. Although, those going through tropical storms and possible hurricanes may beg to differ. Anna Grace Patterson, daughter of Jonas and Laura Patterson was honored on Aug. 11 with a Hawaiian Luau birthday party at Veteran’s Park in Priceville to celebrate her 9th birthday on Aug. 13. They had a volcano cake, an assortment of fruit and barbeque sandwiches. They had a water gun battle and a piñata filled with candy.

Those attending were big brothers, Mack and Ben, grandparents David Patterson and Betty Patterson and James and Diana Holsomback, uncle and aunt Bo and Danielle Morrison and cousins Halli Karis and Aiden, Aunt Christie Holsom-back and cousin Parker and cousins Brennan, Rebecca and Trevor Shadden and Gabriel Terry, Stephanie and Angel Cowan, Allison and Lily Boswell, Baileigh Robbins, Kaitlin Bonner and Zoie Collins.

On Sunday afternoon, Kaye Widener was honored with a birthday lunch and Kayla Widener and Darian Tucker were honored with a going away party by family and friends.

Those attending were Fred and Evelyn Motes, Nathan, Javon and Jarrod Alldredge, Mike Widener, Darren, Rox-anne, Darian and Rachel Tucker, Bill and Glynice Widener, Mark, Lynn and Ethan Widener. Kayla will be moving to St. Louis to work at a hospital and Darian will begin her freshman year at Pensa-cola Christian College. Congratulations to Hoyt McCaghren and Glendell Terry who were married August 17.

Love and sympathy to Horance Plemons in the passing of his brother-in- law, Ray Laws, to the family and friends of Rev. Bill Hacker, the families and friends of Tim Dunlap and Mrs. Lorene Hopper. Happy birthday to Luke Miller and Mark Griffith, both on Aug. 27, Lilly Ferrell on Aug. 8, Al Shaw on Aug. 29, Matthew Teague on Aug. 30 and Dan Cowan and Natalie Patterson both on Aug. 31.

Happy wedding anniversary to Austin and Belle Hughes, both on Aug. 28; B.E. and Fay Smith, Aug. 29; Stan and Joyce Kiefer, Aug. 30; Harold and Virginia Callahan, Aug. 30; Larry and Jeaneen Dean, Aug. 30; Pastor Dan and Carmon Rogers, Aug. 31; and Neal and Nicole Rogers, Aug. 31.


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