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No need to borrow trouble, vote no

Published 12:03pm Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

After a lot of soul searching, I feel it is time for my first “letter to the editor.” With the wet/dry election just around the corner, a lot of memories are beginning to surface. As a child, I saw how a loving, caring responsible person changed into a lying, cheating, physically and verbally abusive individual after consuming alcohol. A maniac on the road, totally out of control, terrifying to everyone in their path, picking fights and laughing about it all. To this day, I remember the horror, and just so there is no misconception, this individual came into our family by way of marriage. When I reflect on my adult experiences, I see a pattern that is established when parents are casual drinkers. They have beer or wine (maybe both) in the home for an occasional or social drinks with friends. Children witness this and see nothing wrong with it–it is the socially acceptable thing to do. Eventually, they’ll want to check it out. After all, children are curious and they want to know why the adults like this particular beverage. This is the beginning! They sneak a sip or drink when parents are asleep or not at home. And if you, as a parent or grandparent, see nothing wrong with having some alcoholic beverages around the house or a social drink in a restaurant and think this doesn’t happen, well, think again. Sooner or later, the buzz from the beer or wine isn’t enough. They want more, a strong drink, pot or other illegal drugs for their high. Can you see the pattern starting to emerge? Do you realize that alcohol is a drug, just in liquid form? I don’t have the answer to our economic woes, but in my head and heart, I know that legalizing the sale of alcohol is not the answer. There are times in life when taking a stand, or a path different from everyone else, becomes a good thing. What is wrong with the distinction of being the largest dry town in the state of Alabama? I like it and I do not wish to have bars, nightclubs and liquor stores dotting the landscape. I always told my children when they were teenagers, “Don’t put yourself in an environment where you know trouble abounds. Enough bad things happen in life when you don’t go looking for it.” Well, we, as citizens of Hartselle, do not need to borrow more trouble. There is enough of it around us. Please vote no with me on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Patricia A. Pettus

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