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Runoff to decide tie vote in Falkville

Published 10:29am Thursday, August 30, 2012

A runoff will be held to decide the outcome of a Falkville town council race even though only two candidates were involved, according to Dawn Estes, town clerk.

The Place 5 race between incumbent Ken Winkles and Patrick Holmes ended in a 144-144 tie, even after 12 absentee ballots were tabulated. Winkles edged Holmes in regular votes, 140 to 135; however, Holmes made up the difference by receiving nine absentee votes to Winkle’s four.

“We were at a loss to know what to do so I called the Alabama League of Municipalities for an answer,” said Estes. “Ken Smith, the executive director, said it would have to be decided in a runoff election.”

“He said it’s not all that unusual for something like this to happen in municipal elections but no one around here can remember it happening before,” she added.

The Winkles vs. Holmes runoff will be the only race to be decided in a runoff on Oct. 9.


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