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Dry supporters are threatening local business owners

Published 7:40pm Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to Mr. Seibert’s letter in last week’s edition of the Enquirer.

You have every right to speak on the wet/dry issue, but when you attack a fellow businessman for wanting to sell a legal product to help feed his family, I believe you deserve to be rebuffed.

I have been in business in Hartselle for 32 years and I will be voting to legalize alcohol despite the fact I will not be selling it. But I do believe the secondary effects will benefit me and all Hartselle citizens.

Many business owners feel threatened by people like you. But I’m not scared of you and your small-minded kind.

Who’s next? The business owner that sells guns?

Shame on you. And you can find me at Town & Country Cleaners.

Doug Chapman


  • touchman

    Good for you, Doug! You got my business for sure. I have a suit I need cleaning now. Will bring it tomorrow.

    Something smells like pooh! Just step over it, Hartselle, and let’s get moving into a freer future! Vote Yes!

  • pooh71580

    I guess I am a small-minded individual. You sir, no longer have my business.

    I for one am not only against alcohol because of my moral and religious beliefs, I am against it because I do NOT want Hartselle to grow. I want Hartselle to continue to be the small little town of Southern Hospitality that I have grown up in the last “32″ years. If I wanted Hartselle to be like Decatur…well, I would have chosen residence in Decatur…after all, that is where I work…but I didn’t because I love Hartselle just the way it is…PERFECT!

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