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Impressed by new HHS

Published 7:44pm Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Impressive and unbelievable are the words that came to mind as I walked through the unfinished hallways, classrooms, auditorium, gymnasiums, and even the cafeteria of the new Hartselle High School last Friday.

It reminds me of a movie where a woman continued to build onto her house. About the time I felt like we had seen it all, there was more to come. When you see the site from Bethel Road, one could imagine that this was a huge facility. What you do not see is how deep the structure runs eastward.

I have seen drawings, photos and even videos of the construction, but until one actually walks the entire facility, you cannot comprehend just how much space the students, faculty, and staff are going to have at their disposal.

Randy and Penny Sparkman, my wife Lynn and I spent nearly two hours walking through the entire site. I did stop long enough to snap 93 photos, but other than that we were moving almost the entire time. We made several comments that we would definitely get a workout if we were walking the halls each day. From wide and spacious hallways to large classrooms, the school is a site to behold and what terrific opportunities it will provide to our high school students.

Moving onto other sections such as the competition gym where you can stand and imagine the bleachers full of Hartselle fans cheering on basketball or volleyball players. Walking into the auditorium, you can almost hear the jazz band performing or envision performers entertaining on stage.

And the best part is neither group will have to go to another town or off-campus site to showcase their talent. Graduation ceremonies could be scheduled without worry of rain or other inclement weather and parents and grandparents can attend without having to save seats on lower sections of the stadium.

The folks of Hartselle are really going to have something that we can all be proud of. We will have one of the best high school facilities not only in the state, but in the country.

This building and all of the work that is going into it will be such a benefit to our children and their future. Also this will be a huge calling card for those interested in locating in Hartselle for business.

The addition of this school will very much aid those who seek to promote Hartselle and all it has to offer. I can’t wait to see the finished facility and see the excitement that will surely be in the eyes of those who look at Hartselle High.

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