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Wisconsin resident shows her heart

Published 12:00am Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a total stranger who was passing through our town.

Mack and I and the body shop (Mack’s Paint and Body Shop) staff agreed to try and get some donations of school supplies to help out those in need at the local schools, both students and teachers. We partnered with WQAH, who donated their air time to help us in our efforts. I would also like to take this time for a special thank you to WQAH and Carol Ann for their part in helping us to get the word on the air.

Our response was minimal to begin with until a Mrs. .Kathleen Gomez of Milwaukee, Wisc., was driving by on I-65 N when she heard Carol Ann doing our ad on the radio for needed school supplies. She proceeded to stop here in Hartselle and looked up Mack’s Paint and Body Shop.

She said it was a very “thoughtful” and “needful” effort on our behalf and asked where she could go and purchase school supplies. She returned shortly with over $200 worth of school supplies for our drive. We so thankful!! She was a kind and gracious woman.

She did not stop there! We recently received two very large packages from Mrs. Gomez…Included in the packages were at least another $200 worth of school supplies, along with a note that said,

Dear Mr Mack, What you are doing is just wonderful..Here is a little something for you. Warmest Wishes, Kathleen Gomez (Sorry it is not Wisconsin cheese.:))

Included in the package of school supplies was a bottle of Pure Maple Syrup from Wisconsin!!! Sweets for the sweet, she said..

It does our hearts good to know that even a stranger passing by Hartselle had a kind enough heart to look us up and then to go and buy school supplies for our children and teachers. We could all learn a lesson from her generosity. She was by far our largest contributor and we are so thankful for her “HELPING HANDS AND GIVING HEART.

Karen Gardner


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