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A look back to Oct. 3-Oct. 9, 1962

Published 12:11pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oct. 3, 1962 – Famed author (The Power of Positive Thinking) and preacher Dr. Norman Vincent Peale spoke in Decatur tonight. Hartselle residents were generously represented in the large crowd that heard Dr. Peale speak at the DHS football stadium.

Oct. 4, 1962 – The Alabama Supreme Court today affirmed the second degree murder conviction of a Morgan County man in January 1961 for the killing of his wife. The defense sought a reversal of the original conviction on the basis of the prosecutor’s criticism of defense attorney Albert P. Brewer’s use of what were termed “new fangled theories” of law. (Former Governor Albert Brewer still teaches law half a century later at Cumberland School of Law-Samford University in Birmingham.)

Oct. 5, 1962 – Clay Speegle, 79, passed away at his Hartselle home this morning. In addition to the widow, Mr. Speegle is survived by two sons, Rev. Bobby Speegle and Jimmy Speegle. The funeral will be Saturday afternoon at First Baptist. Pallbearers will be Troy Nunn, Tommy Clemons, Tolbert Powell, R. A. Payne, Hugh Penn, and J. L. Roberts.

Oct. 5, 1962 – The general campaign for the state Democratic ticket began tonight with a banquet in Montgomery. The next governor, George Wallace, was the keynote speaker.

Oct. 5, 1962 – Falkville teen Danny Bramlett was involved in an accident at the intersection of Main Street with U.S. 31 in mid-afternoon today. Danny’s car was totaled but neither he nor the driver of the other car, a Floridian, was injured.

Oct. 5, 1962 – The new American Motors Rambler went on sale. Entrepreneur George Romney (father of Mitt Romney) is said to have produced the best model ever. (The closest Rambler dealer to Hartselle is Bank Street Rambler in Decatur.)

Oct. 6, 1962 – Hartselle supporters of both Bama and Auburn were happy today as the Tide beat Vandy 17-7 while Auburn whipped Kentucky 16-6.

Oct. 6, 1962 – Quite a few Hartselle children were successful in begging their parents to take them to the Kelly and Miller Bros. Circus this afternoon at the old Morgan County fairgrounds.

Oct. 7, 1962 – The annual Sparkman-Vest-Roberts reunion was held today at the Oak Ridge Methodist Church.

Oct. 7, 2012 – Mrs. Jerry Dean, age 80, who made her home at 213 Cedar Street, passed away early this morning at Hartselle Hospital. Mrs. Dean’s survivors include several Hartselle residents, among them Nan Dean, a daughter; Roy, Dick, and Burd Dean, sons; and George Sims, a brother.

Oct. 7, 1962 – Today began National Business and Professional Women’s Week. Mrs. Dorothy Puckett, the Enquirer women’s editor, heads the Hartselle BPW group.

Oct. 7, 1962 – Barber’s Milk is now selling its product in new half-gallon no-wax, no-leak cartons that have pull out spouts rather than the familiar pull-out tabs. The milk pours out like it would from a pitcher.

Oct. 8, 1962 – The recent violent integration of Ole Miss leaves Alabama and South Carolina as the only states without any integrated schools.

Oct. 9, 1962 – Mrs. Beulah (J.C.) Pettey hosted a dinner tonight in connection with the ongoing celebration of Business and Professional Women’s Week.

Oct. 9, 1962 – Polly McCutcheon’s store, located three miles east of Hartselle on Highway 36, was consumed by fire early this morning. Hartselle firemen responded to the request for assistance by Mr. McCutcheon to put out the blaze but by the time they arrived the building was already a total loss.

Oct. 9, 1962 – Jim Martin, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, said tonight that establishment of a two-party system in Alabama would be “the single most effective thing we can do to start industrial growth” in the state.

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