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Don’t forget to vote

Published 12:12pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to make a commitment to go vote next Tuesday in the Hartselle and Falkville run-off elections.

What difference does one vote make, you may ask? The answer is easy to find.

For example, Glenn McGann and Karen Owens were separated by a single vote after the Aug. 28 election and it took a tally of four provisional ballots to determine which one would face Council, Place 3 leader Mike Roberson in a runoff. After than count was made, the race remained separated by a single vote, 646 for McGann and 645 for Nelson.

Also, a runoff for Council, Place 5 in Falkville became necessary when incumbent Ken Winkles and Patrick Holmes each received 144 votes.

The runoff election is especially important to Hartselle residents since one-half of its elected officials—the mayor and two council members—will be decided by next Tuesday’s vote.

The city’s progress and well being, or the lack thereof, will be in the hands of the mayor and five council members. Needless to say, we’ll have to live with the choices that they make for the next four years.

Still, there is concern on the part of all six candidates about the level of voter turnout, which is usually much lower than it was the first time around.

During the past six weeks, they have been weighed down with the worry that their supporters in the first election will opt not to vote in the runoff. All have indicated

renewed focus on contacting voters and urging them to go back and vote again.

Hopefully, their efforts will be rewarded. Nothing would be more gratifying than to have a 3,000-plus voter turnout again. You can help by doing your part. Remember. every vote counts!


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