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Hall: Experience will help him lead the city

Published 12:28pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Hartselle Enquirer sat down with mayoral candidate Don Hall for a question and answer session last week.

The election will be held on Tues., Oct. 9. Here are his responses:

Q: Why did you decide to run for mayor?

People have asked me to seek office of mayor and I have a desire to serve our community.

Q: What is Hartselle’s challenge in the next four years?

Rebuilding our job base. We’ve lost a number of jobs and it has affected a number of satellite businesses.

Q: What can be done to protect and expand Hartselle’s current tax base?

Find a replacement for the Copeland building. Also helping to promote the new Morgan Center Business Park.

Q: What will you plan to do to help attract jobs to our area?

Work closely with the Morgan County Economic Development Association director Jeremy Nails on finding the right businesses for Hartselle.We need to be looking at every business that is planning expand or relocate. We need to sell our schools, our parks and recreation, our access to I-65.

Q: What is Hartselle’s biggest asset?

Our school systems are well known throughout the state, not only for our sports programs, but also for our academics and extra curricular activities.

Q: What type of facility would you like to see at HMC?

Realistically, I would like to see some type of emergency care facility that would be able to stabilize patients for transport. We would also like to have a facility that would be able to offer the ancillary services that our doctors need.

Q: If Huntsville Hospital doesn’t put a medical facility in HMC, what should be done with the property and building?

If Huntsville Hospital doesn’t put a medical facility here, then we need to work with MCEDA to find someone who would be a good fit for the facility. If a medical facility isn’t feasible, then we would explore other options, possible as an office building or a data processing center.

Q: What do you hope Hartselle looks like in four years?

I would like to see Hartselle have the Longhorn Pass bypass completed within four years. That would eliminate the traffic that doesn’t want to be there. I would also like to see more done to attract the interstate traveler.

Q: Why should voters elect you as mayor?

I have served on the planning commission and the council. I feel that my experience makes me the best person for the job.

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