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Look back to Friday night, Week 6

Published 10:05am Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wow. The Hartselle vs. Muscle Shoals football game was as good of a football game as I have ever seen.

Three touchdowns scored in the last four and a half minutes. A defensive struggle for the ages in the third quarter. And big plays galore all over the field.

It’s a shame that a team had to lose this football game. Even head coach Gene Chizik and Bo Jackson, who were there to help recruit Muscle Shoals’ Dee Liner, were there to witness the best football game in the state this season.

Both teams just wouldn’t quit in this one. When it appeared like Muscle Shoals had an insurmountable eight-point lead late in the game, Hartselle responds with an 11-play, 74-yard drive to tie it. And this all happened against a defense that had only given up nine points all year.

With 90 seconds to go, I thought for sure we were headed to overtime, but Muscle Shoals showed they wouldn’t quit, getting a 51-yard run down to the Hartselle 1 with 20 seconds to go.

And on the goal line, Hartselle didn’t budge an inch. I’m not even sure if Muscle Shoals’ Tyler Jackson got the football across the goal line. Even with my view in the end zone, I couldn’t tell. I thought Hartselle held him out, but the line judge on the Muscle Shoals side of the field saw differently.

If Jackson must have broken the plane of the end zone by less than the nose of a football. But that’s the difference between winning and losing.

In defeat, Hartselle showed the heart of a champion, not quitting until the end.

I just hope we will get to see a rematch in the state playoffs. Alabama high school football deserves it.

The streak ends for Brewer

Congratulations to head coach Dan Styles and the Brewer Patriots for ending their 15-game losing streak last night.

Early on, it appeared like the game was going according to script for the season. Brewer allowed the other team to get an advantage other.

However, this time Brewer didn’t fold. This time, they fought back and pulled ahead 14-13 in the second quarter. From there, they outscored Columbia 26-6 to win 40-19.

Maybe Brewer can turn this losing streak into a winning streak next week at Scottsboro!

Falkville still unbeaten

Who had Falkville pegged to be the only 6-0 team at this point in the season? I can tell you I didn’t.

But head coach Joel Schrenk and the Blue Devil football team just believed they could do it. Now, they are 6-0 (actually 7-0 because they will get a 1-0 forfeit win next week over Jefferson Christian, which was unable to field a team this year).

The Blue Devils are poised to break into the rankings, but more importantly, they have a shot to host a playoff game or even win the region!

The rest is well-deserved for the Blue Devils and we wish them continued success.

Danville escapes

The Hawks held on for dear life against Good Hope, but they did. Danville earned a 22-19 win over Good Hope on homecoming.

More importantly, that keeps Danville’s playoff hopes alive. They are 2-2 in the region with a trip to winless Cordova next week.

The Danville Hawks, however, cannot treat that game as a cupcake. Cordova has won a state championship in the last five years. Cordova might be looking at this game as a chance to make their season.

If Danville has any chance to make the playoffs, they must win next week.

Priceville still winless in region

East Lawrence spoiled homecoming for the Bulldogs by rallying from a big deficit to win 42-35.

The Bulldogs have to regroup if they have a shot to finish at .500.

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