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100 show for softball meeting

Published 3:01pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012

“It just makes more sense to have the boys there,” Carter said. “The girls would not have the new facility, but they would get the refurbished facility at the old high school. It’s about serving the number of athletes.”

Board president Jennifer Sittason also said that the reason why they weren’t included is that they felt it was an important issue to keep the boys and girls’ dressing areas separated.

“We’ve had problems in the past with having dressing rooms in the same facility,” Sittason said. “We felt like that was a major issue to keep their dressing areas separated.”

However, Sittason said the new indoor practice facility is not just for baseball and softball. She said softball, soccer and other outdoor sports would be able to use the facility at the new high school.

Guy Battles said that sharing is not a problem for him.

“The girls want to be at the new campus,” he said. “We understand that they’ll be sharing, so sharing is not an issue. It just seems and the perception was and still is that they weren’t taken into account when all these plans were being made.”

Also, School Superintendent Dr. Mike Reed said that softball has locker rooms at the new high school in the gym.

However, softball coach Christy Ferguson said neither one of the options for the on-campus locker rooms are adequate.

“They’re not big enough for the 30 girls to get dressed in,” Ferguson said.

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