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Relay for Life success

Published 2:10pm Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who would’ve dreamed six years ago that a city the size of Hartselle would be able to raise nearly $100,000 in a single year to combat cancer.

That’s exactly what happened in 2011-2012 thanks to the dedication and hard work of many volunteers who participated in the Hartselle Relay for Life event.

When all of the donations and profits from fundraisers were tallied last April, the amount reached $83,873. The Relay committee was not satisfied with that amount and encouraged volunteers to continue their fundraising activities through the summer. As a result, an additional $13,370 was raised, bringing the final total to $97,243.

Unless you are already a Relay volunteer, you may ask, why get involved? The answer is simple: Nearly every one has a personal story to tell when it comes to dealing with cancer. At Relay, you can find healing, comfort and support from others who have faced cancer or who have lost a loved one to the disease. Plus, you have a chance to meet people who are equally as passionate about finding an end to cancer in our lifetime.

No matter what role you play in Relay, however, one thing is certain: with every step you take, you’re helping the American Cancer Society save lives. Each person who shares the Relay experience can take pride in knowing that they are working to create a world where the disease will no longer threaten the lives of our loved ones or claim another year of anyone’s life.

Hartselle’s 2013 Relay for Life was kicked off last week under the theme of “Ropin’ A Cure.” Recognition was given to the 36 teams and their members who participated the year before and plans were put in place for the 2013 Relay next April.

A goal of $105,000 was announced and a call went out for more families, churches, businesses, schools and community organizations to climb on the bandwagon.

Even though the Relay event is six months away, it’s not too early to get involved. The question is: What part are you willing to play in the fight against cancer?

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