Senior Thomas Fleischman was declared winner in the cream pie-eating contest. | Clif Knight

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Battle for class supremacy

Published 12:20pm Monday, October 22, 2012

Hartselle High School students celebrated homecoming week Thursday with a Battle of the Classes at J.P. Cain Stadium, pitting 10-member teams from each class and the faculty against each other in more than a dozen hilarious, competitive events.

With more than 800 students sitting in the bleachers cheering, the combatants demonstrated their ability or luck at excelling in such events as cream pie, caramel-covered apple and Twinkie eating, egg toss, hubcap throw and wheelbarrow race.

But the event that generated the most difficulty for the competitors and the most laughter from the fans was a baseball bat race. Each runner had to first place his or her forehead on the end of the bat and circle it 10 times before running 10 yards to a cone, circle it and return to home base. Most found the exercise very difficult to achieve without straying off course, stumbling or falling to the ground.

The freshmen experienced less difficulty running a straight line while dizzy and finished in first place. The juniors came in second, teachers third, sophomores fourth and seniors last.

The seniors were not to be denied after that poor showing, however, as they roared back to win the battle. They topped the other four teams with 45 points. The juniors came in second with 40 points, the sophomores and teachers finished in a tie for third with 32 points each and the freshmen finished last with 30 points.

In a test of strength, the juniors beat out the seniors in the tug of war pull but the seniors roared back to win a dash around the track wearing dresses and hats and carrying handbags.

“It’s the kids’ favorite homecoming activity,” said Principal Jeff Hyche. “They enjoy competing and getting outside and having fun.”

He also pointed out that the money collected from admissions and concessions will go to the school’s PTO and be used for school needs.

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