Julie Linderman, left, and Tonya Jones cheer on their sons, Cole and Wyatt, at the second grade session of Priceville Elementary’s Boosterthon Fun Fun. | Clif Knight

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Priceville Elementary benefits from fun run

Published 12:00pm Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Priceville Elementary School hosted its third annual Boosterthon Fun Run on Oct. 18 as a climax to the school’s major fundraiser and character education program.

The all-day event underscored the success students achieved in collecting pledges for the fun run from their parents, friends and neighbors. The students pledged to run a lap for each donation they received.

The fun run was conducted by a Boosterthon team consisting of Jonathan Aultman, David Holloman and Dalton Titehan. The run was conducted in the school gym, which was outfitted with a large tent in the center, a sound system and a Boosterthon tunnel. Parents stood around the tent with signs bearing the names of their children, offering them encouragement as they ran around the track.

Team leader Aultman said the runners are limited to 25 to 30 laps over the course of 30 minutes.

“They have a lot of energy and want to keep on running,” Aultman said. They’re great kids.”

“The folks here make us feel like family,” he added. “We love the fact that we get to work with their kids for two weeks and play a small part in their athletic accomplishments and character development.”

The Boosterthon program fits in well with the goals we have for our 7 Habits Leader in Me Program,” said Principal Dr. Anne Knowlton. “The team members spend two minutes in each classroom each day for two weeks, teaching fitness, leadership and character development.”

“The kids go all out to get pledges from their parents, other family members and neighbors,” she added. Thy know that the money they raise will go to the PTO and will be used to help our school with its copier expense and phone bills.”

Solomon reported at the final fun run that the event netted over $15,000.

Boosterthon’s theme for 2012 is “Highway USA.” The Atlanta-based company produces fun runs for hundreds of elementary schools throughout the United States each year.

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