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A workable solution

Published 11:48pm Thursday, October 25, 2012

Football head coach Bob Godsey said they would hope to build another weight room in the future so that they could use the full indoor practice facility.

“We will have to put up some temporary walls (in the indoor practice facility) so you can work out without being hit by balls when someone is practicing,” Godsey said. “We’ll make it work.”

Head baseball coach William Booth agreed.

“We have a workable solution,” Booth said. “It’s adequate for all of us, football, baseball and softball.”

The football and baseball locker rooms are on one side of the facility while softball’s locker rooms are on the other side. Softball also has its own separate entrance to its locker room from the outside while baseball and football will use the main entrance and corridor in the middle.

The softball locker room has three bathroom stalls and three partitioned showers.

The football and baseball locker rooms will share a common bathroom and shower area. It has nine toilet stalls with 18 showers heads in an open shower area.

Each of the three head coaches will have his or her own office and a private bathroom with a shower. The baseball and football assistant coaches will share an office and locker room with bathrooms and shower areas.

There are ample storage areas for each of the teams. There is also a 1,331-square-foot team meeting room, a 183-square-foot media room and a shared washer/dryer room.

The adjustments to the field house, of which the concrete pad has not been poured, will cost about $165,000. The original bid was $1.999 million.

Reed said the $165,000 brings the estimated cost of the new high school to $44.28 million. However, he still anticipates that more than $41,000 will be left over when the entire project is paid for.

“With the new numbers, we’re still going to be in the black,” Reed said.

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