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Fed up with politics?

Published 10:22am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I have no apologies for not writing. I have been living. Everyone has called and given me a hard time for not writing the news the last few weeks, haha. I have just taken a vacation from writing and just about everything else.

Are we not all fed up with politics? I know I am. It is like everything else in this imperfect world. With all this “he said, she said” nonsense, only it’s “he said, he said.” They all promise the world and cannot deliver 2/3 of what they promise. My thinking is our whole world is in trouble and one little president isn’t going to fix it, only God can.

We were all saddened with the death of Annie Woodall. She had a rough time. I pray she is at rest with God now.

The seniors from the center in Eva all enjoyed breakfast at the Wagon Wheel in Eva recently.

We were sorry for the people on Wilson Mt. Road, whose trailer burned last week. I haven’t found out their names yet.

Journey Church enjoyed a picnic at the home of Stuart and Martha Whitney last Sunday. It was also Appreciation Day for our pastor, Joey Coots.

Martha Whitney had an open house at her office and clinic on Lawrence Cove Rd. on Saturday.

Ms. Lorene Oden, who is 94 years young, fell and broke her hip. Her niece, Glenda Ford, said she is doing well. Pray for her.

Also, pray for Charles and Glenda. He had another old cancer show up, but is doing as good as he can.

Oden Ridge Baptist Church is having their fall festival on the afternoon of the 27th.

We were sorry to hear that our friend, Hubert Oden, fell at the nursing home. He is doing well. Pray for him.

Pat Beavers is having a tough time. She had to have a tooth cut out but she is doing okay.

Oden Ridge Baptist has started a Bible study on Wednesday night. Everyone is welcome.

We were all proud of our own Nancy Holmes, who has Marcie’s Restaurant in Eva. She has always helped everyone she saw in need, although she is a widow with a little girl who is handicapped. Susie Allison sent her name into Channel 19 and they chose and awarded her with a cash reward for being the kind and wonderful person that she is.

Journey Church hosted a Trunk or Treat on Saturday evening, Oct. 27.

Everyone keep my grandson, Jonathan Crawford in your prayers. He had surgery on the 26th for a tumor. We’re all praying it’s not malignant and he will be fine.

We were sorry to hear that G.C. Childers had an accident. We hope he is doing okay. Our prayers are with him.

Also, pray for Lorene Dunlap, who isn’t doing well.


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