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Letter: Dry claims are ridiculous

Published 11:34am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear Editor

Why are Hartselle area churches opposed to the legal sale and consumption of alcohol? I was raised Baptist and am now Lutheran. To my knowledge the Bible speaks against alcohol only as sinful when used in excess (gluttony). But further to this, a more significant truth definitively taught in God’s Holy Word is: “All shall be judged based on his/her own individual merits – NOT those of another.” None can answer for another’s sins. This is the only fair and equitable Christian way.

Now as far as there being a resultant degradation of community lifestyles and appearances: I left Cullman in January 1950 to serve in the USMC. Since that time I have always lived in legal alcohol sales areas. No area, repeat no area, ever evidenced such ridiculous adversity as claimed by many “supposedly” Christian opponents?!

James L. Nix



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