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Letter: Dry claims are ridiculous

Published 11:34am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear Editor

Why are Hartselle area churches opposed to the legal sale and consumption of alcohol? I was raised Baptist and am now Lutheran. To my knowledge the Bible speaks against alcohol only as sinful when used in excess (gluttony). But further to this, a more significant truth definitively taught in God’s Holy Word is: “All shall be judged based on his/her own individual merits – NOT those of another.” None can answer for another’s sins. This is the only fair and equitable Christian way.

Now as far as there being a resultant degradation of community lifestyles and appearances: I left Cullman in January 1950 to serve in the USMC. Since that time I have always lived in legal alcohol sales areas. No area, repeat no area, ever evidenced such ridiculous adversity as claimed by many “supposedly” Christian opponents?!

James L. Nix



  • pooh71580

    Mr. Nix, Yes, I think that all of us Christians are aware of what the Bible says concerning the consumption of alcohol. I would be willing to bet that if you walked in to any church in Hartselle on Sunday and asked if “drinking was a sin,” every single member or minister will tell you “NO” and go on to say that “drinking in excess” is where it becomes wrong.

    As Christians, when we go to the voting booth on Tuesday we are asking ourselves one question. “If Jesus were voting today on behalf of Hartselle’s wet/dry vote, how would he vote?” Do you think for one minute that Jesus Christ would check the YES box in an effort to help Hartselle grow, or that He thinks every citizen in Hartselle would not drink in excess? Absolutely not. I think our Savior would vote No in a heartbeat in an effort to protect all of His children from further deceit from the Devil…especially when he says “C’mon, one more drink wont hurt…”

    That takes us back to the old saying, “WWJD?”

    You are correct in the part about judgement. We will answer for our own sins. I also believe that we will answer as to how we shared the “Good News” in an effort to broaden the borders of His Kingdom. I, myself, would like to think that not only have I gone into all the world to teach the Gospel but I have led by example to those around me.

    So in an effort to secure my home in Heaven and give my family the leadership a Christian father should, I will vote as I think Jesus would on November 6th.

    VOTE NO!

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