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Francis had the correct facts

Published 12:18am Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend Mr. Bob Francis and the entire committee for HEGD. They ran a very professional and respectful campaign. Hats off to their tireless effort. I have been appalled at the attitude of many in our town. These particular folks have used a spirit of intimidation, fear and wrongful judging to coerce votes. It was just simply wrong. Shame on all of you! The wet/dry issue in Hartselle has always been about receiving income from the sale of alcohol already being bought by Hartselle residents. We will continue to watch our surrounding cities grow and prosper. We will continue to shop, eat, and receive entertainment from those cities. I am certain those cities are elated at our decision. It was during our past local candidate forum that each candidate expressed the need for Hartselle to increase its revenue. It was every candidate’s opening remark. After the election, Mr. Jeff Johnson informed us that we had no need for the extra income from alcohol sales. We are prospering and Hartselle is fine. So, which is it? Some of our downtown stores are vacant, our hospital is no longer in operation, Copeland Corporation is gone, and it is possible that other establishments could consider closing. Our teens have no other options for work. They must go to other cities for jobs. It is preposterous to reason if a town serves alcohol, it is deemed a mischief maker town. Just take a trip to Mayberry, N.C. Better yet, just read the facts produced by Mr. Bob Francis.

Mary Speer

  • pooh71580

    Mrs. Speer, respectfully, the only thing true and correct in your letter to the editor that I found to be the most accurate was your comment about HEGD running a respectful campaign. As far as I can tell, they did.

    However, everything else you mentioned is false accusation and leads me to believe that you had written your letter in haste.

    This letter comes across to me as saying that we lost Hartselle Hospital, Copeland, and have vacant lots downtown solely because of the FAILURE TO SALE ALCOHOL IN HARTSELLE. Yes, I may have read too much into your statements…but I beg to differ. I seriously doubt that Hartselle had anything to do with Copeland closing. (Which reminds me that the Copeland building has been bought and a new business is coming soon) Could it be that the executive leadership for Copeland decided it was not financially feasible to continue operations in Hartselle? Could it be that we have vacant lots in downtown Hartselle because the rightful owners are charging too much rent? Could it be that the 2nd term for President Obama has something to do with it? Could it be that our FAILING economy has something to do with it? To have your readers assume that all this is caused by the lack of revenue from the sale of Alcohol is wrong and deceitful in itself.

    Have you ever thought that maybe some of us Hartselle Citizens do NOT want Hartselle to grow? Did you ever think that we like Hartselle the way it is and do not want to be the next annex of Decatur?

    Yes, my decision to vote no was above all a moral and ethical decision based on my beliefs as a child of God and that if Jesus were to vote on our issue…we know how He would have voted. My decision, as a father, was also made to protect my family…and YOURS. …and finally, my decision was made because we like Hartselle ~Just the way it is!~

    Let me say this as nice as possible, as respectful as I can be, yet brutally honest. If you do not like Hartselle the way it is and that we continue to vote NO on this issue…do us all a favor and move! More than likely your family already works in Decatur or Huntsville.

    With that said, I realize that HEGD will continue to put their petitions in all the gas stations in Hartselle and in another few years it will be on the ballot again. Rest assured that we will fight every time and we know that there is a huge possibility that it will pass in time. When it does, we will not cry foul or write letters in haste to display our dissatisfaction…we will simply have petitions all over Hartselle to remove Alcohol. We may not win but we know that we are doing the will of our Father which is in Heaven.

    Mrs. Speer, I do not know you…at all…but I do know that you have a Father in Heaven that loves you dearly…as do I, and I pray that you will sit down with your family along with the Bible and discuss the pro’s and con’s of Alcohol and the future of our country. My family did the night before the election took place and we ended it in prayer that “Thy Will Be Done.” We knew the outcomes may not be what we wanted…but we knew all along that He had a plan.

    May God continue to bless you, Hartselle, and the USA!

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