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Eva seniors join Decatur seniors for Christmas dinner

Published 2:58pm Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well, we survived another election! I’m sure some are celebrating and some are upset. I am just calm about it. After all, God is in control. Don’t we sometimes wonder what his plans are and if he is sitting up there getting a big laugh about people.

Some people get too upset about all that is happening. I just pray and try to believe all will work out.

There are so many without jobs and losing everything that it breaks your heart. All I can say is pray and be ready for we don’t ever know. I just heard they are concerned about the Madrid fault. They say it could go anytime and would affect even us.

All we seem to hear is doom and gloom. I personally don’t think this earth will last much longer. One glorious day we that believe and are saved will go home.

God is good. He gives the worst of us a chance.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

I want to thank everyone who prayed for my grandson, Jon Crawford. He came through his surgery great and he is healing. It was also benign. He is doing great and we’re all thankful for it.

Jon’s brother Joe lives in Maryland and all that storm went around him. His electricity never went off. Prayers are answered.

The seniors from Eva Center are going to the Decatur Center for Christmas dinner on Dec. 7th. Swamp Johns is serving and we will have a great time.

We all got a scare on Tuesday when the Digger’s boy ran up under the back of the school bus that comes to let off our kids around here. Thank God no one was hurt. About the same time a lady wrecked on Hwy. 55 and Nat Key Road. She is critical in Huntsville. They ask for prayer.

We were so sorry to hear that Monty Ryan, formerly of Eva, passed away Sunday in Michigan. Our prayers go out to her family here and there too.

Jim and Louise Camp-bell are having some work done at their house this week. They are both getting along pretty good and ask for your prayers.

Ms. Lorene Roberts is in intensive care in Decatur General. Everyone keep her in your prayers.

It seems we have some book authors in our family. Jimmy Niles’ granddaughter, Tracey Kauf-man, recently published another book and had the signing. Her book is “Southern Adventures.” Look for it!

Also my daughter-in-law, Cindi Simmons, just had her book published. It is a fiction entitled, “Wish Upon a Stone.” This is great. Makes me want to get started!

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