Janice Hunter, Rita Birdsong, Bettye Moore, Linda Edwards, Judy Blackwell, Kay Neel and Glendora James were on hand for a marked dedication at Bethesda Methodist Church. | Special to the Enquirer

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UDC honors Pvt. Nipp

Published 3:03pm Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Joe Wheeler Chapter 291 UDC hosted a marked dedication at Bethesda Methodist Church in Pulaski, Tenn., for Private James Nipp CSA.

Approximately 80 people attended the ceremony, including members of Pvt. Nipp’s family. Tuscumbia Guards of the SCV posted the colors.

Welcoming remarks were given by Joe Wheeler President Linda Edwards with Parson Tim Morrison giving the invocation. Giles County Chapter 257 President Cathy Woods brought greetings while Adjutant Gerald Moore of Egbert J. Jones Camp 257 SCV performed “Pledge to the South.”

Bettye Moore of the Joe Wheeler Chapter sang “Amazing Grace.”

Rita Birdsong, dressed in her widow weeds, sang her original song “Dixie in my Heart” while playing her ukulele.

The cannon salute was done by Bill Carter and Freeman Battery Forest Artillery 1930 SCV of Savannah, Tenn. “Taps” was played by Rick Perry of the Abner S. Boone Camp 2094 of Belleville, Tenn.

The closing Benediction was given by Parson Morrison.

This dedication came about because of the love Rita Birdsong has for the men who fought in The War Between the States.

The Joe Wheeler Chapter is very proud to have Rita as a member and thanks her for her hard work.

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