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LETTER: Would Jesus approve of this campaigning?

Published 11:51am Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dear Editor:

My first thought after hearing that the wet/dry referendum was voted down was if a certain minister in Hartselle was observed acting like a fool and dancing on top of a table again. But then, I began to think, “What would Jesus do?” regarding this issue.

Would Jesus stand outside the polling places and confront the people he attempted to give a vote “no” sample ballot to? If they ignored his suggestions, would he tell them, “You need to move. We don’t need your kind in Hartselle!”

Would he say to them, “If you vote yes, you’re supporting the murder of innocent people?” Would he physically shove a vote no sample ballot in one’s chest, telling him, “You need this more than you know?”

Would he verbally label someone an alcoholic for their voting yes? Would he use strong arm tactics against supporters of legalized alcohol sales?

For the life of me, I cannot understand why one group of people would go to the extreme, act and say junk like this and call themselves “Christians.” By definition alone, the word means to be “Christ like.” What is “Christ like” in this type of behavior? Where in the Bible does it say to make threats against your adversaries, shun them, and tell blatant lies?

Johnny Paycheck recorded a song many years ago called the “Outlaw’s Prayer,” that easily describes some people and churches in Hartselle. In his song, he says, “You know, Lord, when you come back to get your children, an’ take ‘em beyond the clouds, to live forever in Heaven with you. Well, I’d sure hate to be in this crowd.”

If this type of behavior is indicative of “Christian positioning,” “southern hospitality” and “hometown atmosphere,” then Hartselle is doomed to stay in the dark ages for decades to come. Forget about any future quality or fine dining in Hartselle. Forget about any shopping other than Wal-Mart. Forget about real economic growth.

Mike Dowdy


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