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Local author releases first book, ‘The King’s Daughter’

Published 10:44am Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Charlie Brown
Special to the Enquirer

There is a new author in Hartselle, a man who has lived here all his life.

Jarrett Ramey gets around the community on foot. His hair is long, he has a beard and his clothes don’t fit him all that well.

Life has not always been easy for Jarrett, maybe because he hadn’t found his calling, but it appears that his calling is to be an author.

His first book is entitled “The King’s Daughter” and it probably won’t be his last, not just because he’s already almost completed a sequel, but because the story in this book is one that begs to be told, and begs to be read.

It is a story about average people, their lives may not be your average or mine, but they are just your common, ordinary, broken people, who – when their lives are touched by God – become anything but common and ordinary, and who in many wonderful ways are made amazingly whole. Jarrett tells the story of a group of young ladies from three to thirty who come into each others lives through tragic circumstances.

One of the main characters is a 6-year-old girl, whose life has been made incredibly hard by situations beyond her control and by other people, in-cluding a stepfather who molests her. It is important for readers to know that some accounts of those molestations appear in this book, it’s hard reading about that, but then life is hard. Other people who enter this young girl’s life enable her to know God’s love, in spite of what has happened to her, and she and others learn to share the love of God in some awesome ways.

The book includes a few accounts of the sins of the characters, but the purpose of telling about their sins is always to show that God’s love is bigger than sin. It’s an excellent story. The real story is a story of redemption, reconciliation and love on a scale that some may have trouble accepting, as some may have trouble reading about the sins of the characters. If one accepts that God enters into the lives of sinful people for the purpose of making them whole and bringing them into a relationship with Himself, which makes all things possible, those people will find real meaning in this book.

It is entirely possible that Jarrett Ramey has written a book which will draw some people into a closer relationship to The King (the title that Jarrett uses for Jesus). It is a very long book, with a few grammatical errors, but the story is compelling and the plot is only believable if you believe that “with God all things are possible;” but if you do believe that, or if you come to believe it through reading Jarret’s book, it is a moving story that should be read.

The publisher of The King’s Daughter is Xlibris, and it’s available at, in hardcover, soft cover and as an electronic download. The book is also available on Kindle.

Charlie Brown is the pastor at Salem United Methodist Church.

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